Downtown Detroit 2004
January 3 2004 photo gallery

Notice all the new development and renovations!


Anthony PenescobscotttttICT0186 PICT0171 PICT0173 PICT0174 PICT0175 PICT0176
PICT0177 PICT0178 PICT0180 PICT0181 PICT0182 PICT0183 PICT0184
PICT0185 PICT0188 PICT0190 PICT0191 PICT0192 PICT0194 PICT0195
PICT0196 PICT0199 PICT0200 PICT0201 PICT0202 PICT0203 PICT0204
PICT0205 PICT0206 PICT0207 PICT0208 PICT0210 PICT0211 PICT0212
PICT0213 PICT0214 PICT0215 PICT0216 PICT0218 PICT0219 PICT0220
PICT0221 PICT0222 PICT0226 PICT0227 PICT0229 PICT0236 PICT0244
PICT0245 PICT0246 PICT0247 PICT0248 PICT0249 PICT0250 PICT0251
PICT0252 PICT0257 PICT0259 the_perch_revisited the_realest_detroit_shit the_true_detroit_imagery_se weird

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